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Heather's DeathDay
*February 14th, at the Magic Kingdom, everybody was getting; roses, heart-shaped cookies, red and pink balloons, box of chocolates, writing poems and dressing fancy and lovely for Valentine's day.
Heather Kasuga, the queen bee, wakes up in her room drome and finds Leni Loud standing with a cup in pink frosting with a heart on top*
Leni: Happy Valentine's Day, Heather!
Heather: What the heck are you doing in here?
Leni: It's Valentine's Day, silly. I baked you a cupcake out of kindness.
Heather: No thank you. You probably poisoned it.
*Heather gets up out of bed and grabs her clothes out from her dresser and leaves the room. As soon as she was dressed, she went out the castle door and walks down the streets. The citzens of the Magic Kingdom was full of joy, laughter and love is in the air.*
Heather: (scoffs) Look at them. Love sweet songs. Sucking each other faces. Pain in my.....
*Heather bumps in little Primula, knocking her down*
Primula: Sorry, Heather.
Heather: Next time, watch what you're tater-tot!
*Heather gets up and walks away leaving Primula alone to pick up her stuffed cat toy. Heather made her way to Alfea Looniversity*
Stella: Look who finally rolls in, guys?
Takagi: You're late, Heather.
Heather: I beg the differ, fours.
Tagaki: Whatever.
Kurumu: (sarcastically) So, got a date for the Valentine's Day ball tonight?
Heather: What does it matter to you Miss Oversized Beach Balls?
Kurumu: Oh nothing. Alejandro, ask me to go with him and I said, Yes, I would love to go with you. Too bad, you couldn't even ask him yourself.
Heather: (scoffs) Whatever. You don't even love the guy.
*Then Heather took off to class, as Kumuru, Stella and Takagi stood there, when Heather stands behind a corner and listens*
Tagaki: She is such a whiny bitch.
Stella: You know, hate to judge. But Heather has not been to likable to everybody. And she knows it too.
Kurumu: Yeah, if you ask me, she couldn't even get herself a boyfriend and keep him.
Tagaki: Says a succubus, who's job is to seduce men and make them their slaves. But to be fair, at least you got feelings, unlike her.
*Heather walks away, not wanting to hear them anymore. Later after class. Heather walks by herself, downtown to a dress store*
Heather: Valentine, sucks. I don't care about some stupid ball. I don't need anybody. I HATE VALENTINE'S DAY!
Taylor: Let me guess, you don't hate a date for the ball?
Heather: None of your business, rich girl.
Taylor: Now, take it easy. My mother is here too, so you better watch your mouth.
Heather: Oh yeah, right. What's she gonna do? She barely can tame you.
Kelly: Is there a problem here?
Heather: No, of course not. I was just leaving.
*Heather leaves Taylor and Kelly in the store. Later dark falls, and Heather is in her room drome by herself, on her bed. Then Primula comes into her drome and walks up to Heather*
Heather: What do you want, peanut?
Primula: I came to cheer you up, with something.
Heather: What could you possibly offer me, kid?
*Primula pulls out a red dress from a box*
Heather: What the?
Primula: I made it with Leni, and I decide to give it to you. You were looking grumpy earlier. So you have something to wear, even if you don't have a date.
Heather: Why you little....*she looks at the dress* you know, thank you, shorty.
Primula: You're welcome.
*Then Primula walks away from Heather's drome. Heather looks at the dress one more time*
Heather: (sighs) What other choice do I have? I'll just enjoy a little fun, grab a cup of bloody punch, frosty cupcake and blow out of there.
*Outside Heather, in the red dress, making her way to the Alfea gym through Mainstreet U.S.A.*
Heather: I can not believe I am doing this. I feel like such an idiot.
*She looks at the beautiful downtown, here at night. All these lights and she looks on one of the windows and sees her reflection. But til in the background of the scenery, someone dress in black and wearing a baby Lily Loud mask, staring at Heather. She notices and turns around and sees the stranger*
Heather: Can I help you with something?
*The stranger in black doesn't budge or say anything*
Heather: Not talking, huh? Don't you have to be somewhere else?
*Still doesn't talk or budge*
Heather: Okay. I am so calling the cops, right now.
*Now, the stranger in black takes off*
Heather: What a freak.
*Heather continues to walk downtown and is about close to Alfea. She stops for a minute*
Heather: (sighs) Let's get this over with and done.
*Just then......she gets attacked by the stranger dressed in black with the Lily Loud mask! Grabbing Heather by the hair, Heather crotch kicks the stranger, releasing her and she starts to run. Just as she was out of sight, she pants to catch her breath. She turns around and doesn't see anybody or the stranger in black. She turns her head back and spots the stranger in the mask, she starts to run again but trips. Then suddenly the masked stranger pulls out butcher knife and stabs Heather in the head*
*Morning passes by, Heather wakes up in her room drome and finds Leni Loud standing with a cup in pink frosting with a heart on top*
Leni: Happy Valentine's Day, Heather!
Heather: What the heck are you doing in here?
Leni: It's Valentine's Day, silly. I baked you a cupcake out of kindness.
Heather: Wasn't Valentine's Day yesterday?
Leni: But today is Valentine's Day. Look at the notebook with the days.
Heather: It's a calendar.
*Heather looks at the calendar and a red circle is marked on the 14th of February*
Heather: You got to be kidding. It's Valentine's Day again?
*Heather grabs her clothes out from her dresser and leaves the room. As soon as she was dressed, she went out the castle door and walks down the streets. The citzens of the Magic Kingdom was full of joy, laughter and love is in the air.*
Heather: What is going on? Is this place cursed or what?
*She bumps in little Primula, knocking her down*
Primula: Sorry, Heather.
Heather: Small fry, what's day?
Primula: February 14th.
Heather: You are kidding me?
Primula: Nope.
*Heather gets up and walks away leaving Primula alone to pick up her stuffed cat toy. Heather made her way to Alfea Looniversity*
Stella: Look who finally rolls in, guys?
Takagi: You're late, Heather.
Heather: Girls, what is the day?
Stella: It's Valentine's Day. Don't you know?
Heather: Right....... You didn't happen to make this day happen all over again?
Stella: What are you talking about? It just came today, I didn't make it repeat all over again.
Kurumu: What's wrong with you?
Heather: Nothing, Dr. Big Boobs McGee.
*Heather took off to class, as Kumuru, Stella and Takagi stood there, when Heather stands behind a corner and listen to them*
Tagaki: She is such a weirdo.
Stella: What made her think I cast a spell in the Magic Kingdom?
Kurumu: I don't know. But I do know one thing, I got a date for the Valentine's Day ball.
Tagaki: Yeah, nobody cares for that.
*Heather smiles as she walks away. Later after class. Heather walks by herself*
Heather: This is getting freaky. It's Valentine's Day again? How can that be?
*Heather heads on downtown to a dress store*
Heather: What am I doing here again?
Taylor: Let me guess, you don't hate a date for the ball?
Heather: Of course, the rich girl shows up. And your mother's here isn't she?
Taylor: I didn't ya be smart for once.
Heather: Well, you should try being smart by yourself for once.
Kelly: Is there a problem here?
Heather: No, I was just leaving, the spoiled brat.
*Heather leaves Taylor and Kelly in the store. Later dark falls, and Heather is in her room drome by herself, on her bed*
Heather: There's no way it can not be Valentine's Day again.
*Then Primula comes into her drome and walks up to Heather*
Heather: Hi, squeaker.
Primula: I came to cheer you up, with something.
Heather: Is it a dress?
Primula: Lucky guess.
*Primula pulls out a red dress from a box*
Heather: And you and Leni made it?
Primula: Right.
Heather: Hey, um...where will you be tonight?
Primula; Um, to the Valentine's ball. Why?
Heather: No reason. I think, I'll stay here tonight.
Primula: Okay.
*Then Primula walks away from Heather's drome. Heather looks out the window and sees a few MixToons(Plucky, Skippy, Sherman, Penny, Lincoln, Lynn, Hunter, Ashlynn, Saeko and Owen) leaving. Heather grabs the remote and turns on the music box playing, She's Got A Way, by Billy Joel. Heather runs water in the tub and later on she is in relaxing, while listening to the music*
Heather: Well, at least I'll be safe from that weirdo who attack me last night.
*After relaxation in the hot tub, she gets out and dries off, keeping the towel wrapped on her body. She goes to the sink and wipes the mirror clean to see her reflection. She sees herself again, then bends down to the sink and grabs her facial mask cream. She looks in the mirror, she gasps, spotting the masked stranger in black behind her*
Heather: You again?!
*The maksed stranger lunges at Heather holding scissors, Heather dodges and escapes, slamming the door shut behind her, leaving the killer in the bathroom and makes her way into her room. She locks the door and backs away, panting. When all is quiet, BAM! The sound coming onto Heather's door, she gets a jumpscare. BAM! BAM! Heather opens the window, then decides to hide in her closet and shut the closet door. The killer breaks the door and looks around the room to find Heather. The killer goes to the window, thinking Heather might have escape. Heather watching the killer in motion, thinking she might have fooled him. Then the killer looks under Heather's bed and does not see her, then takes off leaving the room. Heather sighs, still shaking that the killer could still be lurking around for her. She slowly opens her closet door, then peeks out.....and is grabbed by the masked killer and is pinned to the wall. Being strangled by her throat, the killer lifts Heather up as she is pinned to the wall, then skewers Heather in the chest with scissors*
*Morning comes by, Heather wakes up in her room drome and finds Leni Loud standing with a cup in pink frosting with a heart on top*
Heather: This can not be happening again.
Leni: Happy Valentine's D--
Heather: SHUT UP! SHUT UP!
*Heather rushes to get her clothes and heads out downtown. The citzens of the Magic Kingdom was full of joy, laughter and love is in the air*
Heather: This isn't happening. This isn't happening! This isn't happening! This isn't happening! This isn't happening!
*Heather was getting scared and confused, that something had to do with her being placed in a loop of time. She slaps her head, trying to make all it stop happening again. Primula bumps in her*
Primula: Sorry, Heather.
Heather: Please, tell me, it isn't Valentine's Day again.
Primula: It is, Valentine's Day.
*Heather screams out loud*
Heather: WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?!
Primula: Are you okay?
Heather: Do I look alright?!?! Just get out of here will ya!!!
Primula: Please Ms. Heather, let me help you.
*Heather looks at Primula in the face, at her purple cute eyes without a single pout*
Heather: (sighs deeply) Come on.
*Later in a diner, Heather and Primula are sitting at a table having fries and hot dogs*
Heather: Okay, I know I feel like such a freak telling an 11 year old this. I've already lived through this day...twice. I know this sounds crazy, but it has been happening to me. So anyway, I know what's going to happen, before it happens. Somebody is gonna kill me again...tonight.
Primula: Who told you that?
Heather: Nobody. This is not a stupid joke! It is actually happening to me. I really don't who is going to kill me, but someone is. I just don't know who it is yet.
Primula: You're freaking me out.
Heather: Well, how do you think I feel?! Why am I seriously telling a kid this, that wouldn't understand anything?
Primula: Well, for one thing; there has got to be a really reason you're stuck on this day. It's Valentine's Day.
Heather: Ugh. (Mocking) It's Valentine's Day. I know what day it is. So what?
Primula: So, whoever is killing you knows you don't have a date.
Heather: Are you making fun of me, now?!
Primula: No, two people who are together are meant to be forever. Love protects them and it's stronger than poison.
Heather: This doesn't make any sense. Why would anyone want to kill mem when I don't have a date or love?
Primula: Then again, it could be someone who's jealous of you or maybe hates you.
Heather: (Sarcastically)Thanks.
Primula: No problem.
Heather: You really don't understand sarcastism, do you?
Primula: Nope.
Heather: *She cuts up an eyebrow* So....what would be your solution to all this death nonsense?
Primula: Well, make a list of names of everybody who would doesn't like you much.
Heather: Kid, more than likely, it could be anyone.
Primula: It's no surprise that everybody in the Magic Kingdom wants to kill you.
Heather: Thanks, and I'll pretend I never heard you say that.
Primula: Preciate it. Who has more motive?
Heather: Well, Kurumu for one, she's annoying and so conniving.
Maybe it's Gwen, the weird goth girl or Courtney, who's the CIT girl that team up with her in World Tour. Takagi, so grumpy with her intelligence and use to be my friend. LeShawna, pain in me butt from the very beginning. Jo, she is so much obnoxious compare to Plucky Duck.
Primula: Okay. Better much, you have the unlimited opportunities to solve your own murder.
Heather: Are you saying, that I can never die until I solve who is killing me? Like that coyote who can't even catch that speeding ostrich?
Primula: Is there any other way to do this?
Heather: No thanks, you've been much helpful to me enough already. I gotta go.
Primula: It's a roadrunner.
Heather: What?!
Primula: It was a roadrunner, the coyote chases.
Heather: *rolls her eyes* God help me.
*That night, Heather spots Kurumu walking down the street dressing sexy for the ball, she makes a disgust face. Then she follows Kurumu to the Haunted Mansion, inside Kurumu looks for Alejandro in the ballroom. He jumps out from a coffin, scaring Kurumu, then they both laughed, Heather gets bitter jealous. Behind her a knight comes to life, she turned around and the knight chops Heather's head*
*Heather wakes up in her room drome and finds Leni Loud standing with a cup in pink frosting with a heart on top, Heather pushes the cupcake in Leni's face.
Same night again, Heather goes to seek her killer, but now is following Plucky Duck, who is heading into the movie theater. In the theater, Plucky was seeing the screening of Jaws. Heather sat in the way back to keep an eye on him, without warning a machete skewers through her stomach from behind*
* Waking up again in her room drome and finds Leni Loud standing with a cup in pink frosting with a heart on top, Heather grabs the cupcake and sticks it onto Leni's forehead. Another night, Heather decides to follow Gwen who is with Courtney and LeShawna. The trio headed off to Splash Mountain for a ride, Heather kept her distance from them, water they were riding on and enjoying the story ride of Brer Rabbit. Heather never took her eyes off them and from one side of the scene of the ride, the masked killer lunges at Heather. Grabbing her from the log and into the water, drowning her*
* In her room drome, spitting up water and finds Leni Loud standing with a cup in pink frosting with a heart on top, Heather passes by Leni with doing anything. The night once again, Heather peeks through the window to see Jo, working out...naked! Her shadow is then seen in the room, causing Heather to vomit at the sight of her in the nude, and shudders. Heather mouths, Kill me. Then all the sudden the masked killer bashes her head with a baseball bat*
* Waking up again in her room drome and finds Leni Loud standing with a cup in pink frosting with a heart on top*
Leni: Happ--
Heather: SILENCE! *Moans* God, this is not good for my blood pressure.
Leni: Aww. You're looking grumpy today.
Heather: No. I'm grumpy all day.
Leni:(Sweetly) I got a cupcake for you.
Heather: Leni? Do you want to go for a walk?
Leni: With who?
Heather: With me.
Leni: Okay.
*Heather and Leni went out the castle door and walks down the streets. The citzens of the Magic Kingdom was full of joy, laughter and love is in the air*
Leni: Isn't Valentine beautiful?
Heather: Yeah, yeah. Where's cat-girl?
Leni: You mean Rimu?
Heather: Whatever.
*Heather bumps in little Primula, knocking her down*
Heather: So sorry, there. I really need you.
Primula: Okay.
*Primula picks up her stuffed cat toy. Sunset later Heather, Leni and Primula are at Tony's Restaurant*
Leni: So, like someone is killing you because it's Valentine's Day?
Heather: Something more than less. So far, not too good. It wasn't even Tagaki, Nikki, Beth, Lori, Duncan and sure don't want to even know if it's Ghoulia.
Primula: I'm so sorry. It didn't work out.
Leni: Like, you would be wishing for denial for what you have done.
Heather: Real helpful, dummy. Denial? De Nile? Cleo De Nile!!! It has to be her! She's been my big rival ever since the talent show and we still don't do well together!!! Thanks Leni, you've been most helpful!!!
*Heather rushes out from the Restuarant, then flies back in and leaves 20 bucks on the table, then rushes out again*
Leni: Like, what just happened?
*Heather runs quickly to get to Tiki Juice Bar, in Adventureland. When she arrived Cleo was there getting a juice. She walks up to Cleo*
Heather: De Nile!! Gotcha!!!
Cleo: The Queen Bee!!! What are you doing here and what are you talking about?
Heather: Came to stop you from killing me, once and for all!
Cleo: Kill you? Why I never would such a thing to you. I would like to see you suffer sometimes, but never kill.
Heather: Cleo?
* Cleo unaware that from behind the bar, the masked killer was there*
Cleo: No! As far as you harass me far enough, I got my rights and I shall report you to my mummy!
Heather: Cleo, look out behind you!!
*Cleo turns around and the masked killer smashes a glass bottle on Cleo's head, apparently killing her. Heather runs for her life with the killer right behind her. Heather trips and is grabbed by the killer, just then the killer is up off the ground and toss against a palm tree, real hard. Heather looks around and spots Primula, who's eye colors turn back to purple*
Heather: Primula? You saved my life.
Primula: Now go, while you still can live for another day. If you survive without dying today, tomorrow will come. He won't bother you anymore.
Heather: Why are you doing this for me?
Primula: Because.... I think you're kinda....sweet.
Heather: Sweet?!
*Primula nods, then the masked killer grabs Primula by the throat strangling her, Heather gasps. Then the killer slams Primula's body to the hard ground, killing her*
Heather: Primula!! No!
*Heather runs for her life, heading for The Pirates of Carribean attraction. The killer stalks her, inside looking for Heather. Heather swings a boat oar at the killer's legs, dropping to the ground crawling. Heather rises the oar, ready to end the killer's life, but then she thought about Primula being dead*
Heather: If I do this, Primula will stay dead forever.
*Heather drops the oar and runs up on the gallow, placing a rope around her neck. The killer looks up at Heather on the gallows, getting ready to hang herself*
Heather: See you real soon.
*Then Heather slams her foot onto the floor, making the trap door open and drops her, breaking her neck*
*Heather wakes up in her room drome, fixing her neck, CRACK! Now she finds Leni Loud standing with a cup in pink frosting with a heart on top*
Leni: Happy Valentine's Day, Heather!
Heather: Well, Happy Valentine's Day to you too! And I'll take that.
*Heather takes the cupcake and walks away with it into the bathroom. As soon as she was dressed, she went all around the castle, leaving the cupcake on the sink*
Heather: Luan? What do call a good comedian with good taste in comedy? Luan!!!! (Laughing)
Luan: Okay? That was your punchline? Not so good, but I like that, and thank you.
Heather: Hey, Luna! Rock hard!
Luna: Uh...okay.
*Luna plays her guitar, music playing loud and Heather is dancing*
Heather: Whooo! Rock out, Mick Jagger fans!!!!!!
*Heather leaves the room dancing*
Luna: It's Mick Swagger, dude! That was weird.
Luan: She likes my jokes? Maybe she has changed.
*Buster in the hallway with LeShawna and Gwen, Heather comes by*
Heather: Hey, Buster! How are you?
Buster: Oh, I'm good. How about you?
Heather: I feel good and good luck with Babs tonight. Happy Valentine's Day!
Buster: Oh, uh., Thanks!!
Heather: Leshawna? I know I have been a bad person to you. What I say and did, I have no excuse. I'm.....I'm sorry. You and Gwen.
Leshawna: Girl, you crazy, but I respect that you apologize.
Gwen: Hey, me too.
*Gwen and Heather shake hands and then Leshawna shakes her hand. Jonesy looks at Buster like, What the hell is going on?*
Heather: Hey, Babs! Your ears look fine when they are up! You look happy that way.
Babs: Uh, thank you?
Heather: That's a good girl!
*Then she takes off happily*
Scooter: Well, that was different.
*Heather slides down the stair rails and grabs T.K. and swings him in the air in circles*
Heather: Dance with me T.K.!
Caitlin: Okay, she's dancing with T.K. now?
Nikki: It's official. She's lost her mind.
Heather: Smile Nikki kinks! Caitlin, did I mention you are way better than Tricia? Of course you are!
Caitlin: Gee, thanks, Heather! !!
Nikki: Seriously! ?!?
Caitlin: Hey, this is the nicest Heather has ever been. I'll take it.
*T.K. and Caitlin hug Heather, Heather picks T.K. up*
Heather: I do like hugs, but I got a prize for you little guy.
*She kisses T.K.'s forehead*
*Heather heads out the door and Lana is in the mud puddle and Lola is drinvig in her princess car*
Heather: Lana? Catch!
*Heather throws mud at Lana's face*
Heather: (Singsong)Lola? Got a Princess of Beauty for you!
*Hetaher gives Lola the doll and she pats bith Lana and Lola on their heads*
Heather: You two stay cue.
*Then she walks away, leaving the twins clueless*
Lola: (gasps) What is going on?
Lana: She's weird.
*After Heather leaves the castle; Lana, Lola, T.K., Babs, Scooter, Caitlin, Nikki, Leni, Luna, Luan, Jonesy, Gwen, Courtney and LeShawna looked confused. As they watched Heather skipping happily*
Nikki: What's wrong with her?
Leni: Like is she okay?
Luna: I never seen her this way before, dudes.
Babs: Maybe she's finally being nice.
Scooter: Yeah, and usually Heather and nice don't mix so well. It's like ketchup on lemon cake.
Luna: What!?!?!
Scooter: Owen tried it one time, don't ask.
Heather skipping happily down the streets. The citzens of the Magic Kingdom was full of joy, laughter and love is in the air.*
Heather: Hi, there. Happy Valentine's day! How do? Happy Valentine's!
*Heather spots Primula, runs up, grabs her and hugs her*
Heather: Thank you, for coming back to save me.
Priumla: Uh, you're welcome? Are you okay?
Heather: Better than okay. I'll never shut out another holiday again. Especially if, it means love from friends. I just feel...lucky! Now, excuse me, I have to go give love to my friends.
*Heather hums, "We are In Love" as she skips down the street, Primula stood there. At Alfea Looniversity, Stella and Tagaki were in the hallway*
Heather: Look who finally rolls in! I know I'm late, but--
*Just then Stella's phone rings, she answers it*
Stella: Hello? We're at Alfea Looniversity. WHAT?!? Oh no! I'll be in my way!
Tagaki: What is it, Stella?
Stella: Owen's dead! We got get back to the castle, now!
*Stella, Tagaki and Heather leaves the school*
Kurumu: (sarcastically) So, got a date for.......
*Kurumu was left alone*
*Back at the castle, every kid comes running upstairs*
Luna: Big O!
*Owen lies dead near the bathroom, with Tecna and Lisa observing"
Jo: What happen to tubby?
Tecna: It appears, his body has stop functioning. Due to indigestion of nicotine.
Caitlin: What are you saying?
Lisa: She's saying, he's been food poison.
*Everybody gasps*
Nikki: What food would poison him? I thought he been use of that.
Tecna: Well, seems to me, he must have eaten a cupcake. The frosting is on his lower lip.
*Heather gasps*
Heather: (Thinking) The cupcake. Leni? Leni tried to poison me? She's the killer. But why? I better do this quietly.
Buster: Who make a poison cupcake?
Heather: Leni! Can I talk to you?
Leni: Sure.
*Heather and Leni go into a room down the hallway together, Heather shuts the door*
Heather: Leni, why are you killing me?
Leni: Like, what are you talking about?
Heather: The cupcake you gave me earlier, you poisoned it.
Leni: Okay, I made you a cupcake, but I didn't add anything else. I followed the recipe. Eggs, flour, milk, that's all.
Heather: Well, you didn't do it right! Everytime, I didn't eat your stupid treat, you would kill me out of nowhere!
*Suddenly behind Heather, the masked killer came out from a closet*
Leni: Heeeeeeeeey! Lily's all grown up!
*Heather gasps, turned toward her killer and dodges the knife*
Leni: Watch it, you could kill someone like that, ya know.
Heather: That's what he's trying to do, dum dum!
*Heather pushes Leni out of the way, to avoid getting stabbed. Leni starts to slide on a tennis ball, and knocks the killer down the mask flies off. Leni picks up the Lily mask*
Leni: What happen to Lily's face?
*Heather looks onto the killer, back is turned standing up. Turning toward Heather and Leni, revealing the face of a wealthy girl with short brown hair. Heather was very shocked who it was*
Heather: Taylor?! You're the killer?!
Taylor: Yes.
*Taylor goes over to lock the door tight*
Heather: Why are you killing me over and over again?
Taylor: Well, I don't know. Maybe it's because you always get the best of me every year of The World's Records. I would have killes you already, if fatty didn't eat the cupcake.
Heather: Cupcake. You poisoned it. You framed Leni!
*A flashback shows Leni pulling out a cupcake from the oven and leaving it on the counter to cool down. She leaves the kitchen, Taylor comes into the kitchen and squeezes a five drops of poison onto the cupcake and leaves. Leni comes back in and puts frosting on*
Heather: You have to find another way and put the blame on Leni. It was all you! And you've been killing me over a bunch of stupid records.
Taylor: How do all the girls say this to you? YOU'RE A DUMB BITCH, TOO! There I said it!
Leni: That's not such a nice word to say.
*Taylor grabs Leni by the hair and bashes her into the wall, making her fall lifeless on the floor*
Heather: Leni!
Taylor: You'll be joining her too!
*Taylor and Heather struggle in a fight, Taylor slaps Heather's face, Heather punches Taylor in her breast. Heather tries to run for the door, but Taylor grabs her legs making Heather fall to the floor. Taylor pins Heather to the floor and strangles her, a knock at the door is heard, Taylor covers Heather's mouth*
Lori: What's going on in there?
Taylor: (Intimates Leni) Like, nothing Lori. Heather's trying one of my outfits and she's having trouble getting out of it.
Lori: Well, hurry up. We gotta be on our way to get Owen medic help.
Taylor: (Intimates Leni) Okay.
*Heather looks at another cupcake under the Leni's desk, she grabs and jabs Taylor in her throat and grabs her by the shirt*
Heather: EAT THIS, BRAT!
*Heather shoves the cupcake (not posion) in Taylor's mouth. Taylor backs up toward the window, choking as she wipes the cupcake from her face. She stepped back too much, she falls backward out the window. Falling down straight into the pool. Taylor coughs, climbing out the pool only to find her mother waiting in front of her*
Taylor: Mom! Heather knocked me down from the-
Kelly: Not another word from you, young lady! You are grounded big time! *she grabs Taylor, by her ear* I found your blueprints, murdering Heather....
*Upstairs Heather sighs with relief*
Heather: Oh my gosh, Leni!
*She runs toward Leni*
Heather: Leni. Leni! Leni!
*Leni moans*
Leni: Like, am I dead?
Heather: No! You're alive!
*Heather hugs Leni*
Leni: Hey! You hugged me!
Heather: Because you're my friend, aren't you?
Leni: Well, yes I can be. If you're grumpy.
*Leni hugs Heather, and fades black*
*Morning Heather wakes up in her room drome and finds Leni Loud standing with a cup in pink frosting with a heart on top*
Heather: No! Not this again!
Leni: What are you talking about I made you a friendship cupcake.
Heather: What?
*Lori, Luna, Luan, Lola, Lana, Plucky, Skippy, Buster, Babs, T.K., Lily, Caitlin and Primula come into Heather's room drome*
Lori: We all did something for you, Heather.
Lola: Everybody needs a litte love, even grumpy ones like you.
Lana: Yeah, after what you did yesterday.
Primula: Here.
*Primula gives Heather a plush toy of herself. Heather's eyes well up*
Heather: It's me.
Primula: I thought, they would make toys of you, Aunt Heather.
Heather: Aunt Heather? That may be pushing it....
*Primula hugs Heather. The kids aw at them*
Heather: Okay. You may call me what you want, kiddo.
Skippy:Does this mean you'll be nice from now on?
Heather: Don't push it fluffy!
Skippy: And she's back.
*Lily crawls to Heather*
Lily: Heat-her.
Heather: Come here, Lily.
*Heather picks Lily up*
Heather: What about Owen?
Buster: Oh, he's cured. But he won't be able to move for two days, so..yeah.
Babs: And Taylor, she's in big time punishment from not only her mother, but to Ms. Nade.
Luna: Yeah, we heard she tried to kill you.
Caitlin: What shall we do today, Heather?
Heather: Let's go to Tomorrowland.
*The group heads off and out of the castle. The frosting on the cupcake left on the dresser, makes a death symbol on it, smiling*
The Fly
Lisa Loud is ready for a big day. She'll be presenting her latest invention to a group of investors downtown. And if they're impressed with it, then they'll buy the rights and pay Lisa a huge amount of money. But money is just a social construct to the precocious Lisa. What she wants is her invention to be massed produced. It's a Super Carbon Filterator, a machine about 6 feet tall and looks like a metal palm tree. It uses electricity to fun its power, but it's sole purpose is to recycle carbon dioxide into oxygen but at a much faster rate than regular trees. This invention will revolutionize the fight against climate change. With the SCF in the back of a trailer connected to Vanzilla, Lisa's ready to go. But she forgot her notes in her room. She quickly ran up the stairs to get them. The invention is still outside, waiting for its master to come back.
CLUNK! Lynn threw a football--accidentally hitting the SCF. "OOPS!" Lynn rushed towards the invention and noticed a small part fell off. She quickly put the fallen piece back on even if she really didn't know where it went originally. "Uh...I'm sure it'll be fine." Lynn scurried off nervously with her football. As soon as Lynn left, Lisa came back, not knowing what had happened. Mr. Loud drove Lisa downtown to one of the corporate buildings where the meeting will take place. Inside the meeting room were a group of investors with fancy business suits and intimidating faces. Lisa got her notes and got ready to present. "Gentlemen! I present to you the Super Carbon Filterator! Put these around any major city, and the air will be much cleaner!" Lisa proudly shouted. "How does it work?" One man asked. "Allow me to demonstrate." Lisa turned on the switch and the SCF roared awake. 
Seconds went by and the invention started to shake violently. Lisa was confused and started to bang on the thing, but it shook harder. The group of investors stood up from their chairs, frightened. Then something inside the thing exploded, causing part of the room to catch fire. Everyone rushed out of the building which is now blazing with an inferno on the top five floors. Everyone in the building got out safely, but a few had minor injuries including Lisa. The firefighters arrived to put out the flames. One investor yelled at poor Lisa, "Your so-called invention nearly KILLED us! Plus it caused millions in damages! I knew not to trust a four-year-old. No matter how many Jr. Nobel prizes she won!" Everybody gave Lisa dirty looks and she's siting on the ground. She tries not to cry...but she did. She's still a four-year-old after all.
{This part belongs to JFMstudios}
Lisa cried and cried, until Honey Lemon showed up, "Lisa, are you okay?" Lisa sniffles and said, " It was suppose to work, one hundred percent! Everything, I checked was in the right places, I swear, Honey Lemon!" Honey Lemon hugs and comforts her, "Shh. Calm down. Calm down. I believe you, Lisa. I...I can help you make another one, but even better." "Just take me home." Said Lisa in tears.
Back at the Loud House, Honey Lemon told Rita and Lynn Sr. what happened today, and Lynn overheard them and she sneaked outside quietly without saying a single word.
Lisa upstairs, by herself thought, "The Super Carbon Filterator, was working fine when I tested it out. I know it was! I know it was!" Lisa threw a book at the closet, making a hole. She walked over to get it, she opened the closet and next to where the book lies, was a small door. Lisa makes a confused look, "What's this? A door? Do I dare enter? I'll take 70% chance of heading in, but clearly 30% to a world of button eye people. What the heck." Lisa turns the small knob and opens the door, heads into a room all dusty. And spots two silver shiny machine, with sliding doors on each one. Lisa gasps, "Are these telepods 1986? Unbelievable!" Lisa ran over to the machines and observe them, "Ooh, if I get into one of these telepods, I will teleport to the other telepod. Now let's see....." Lisa turns on the laptop next to the telepod, and starting typing on thr keyboards. Lisa with delight said, "All right. Ready to go." She steps into the telepod machine and the door slides to closing, little did she know a tiny flying vistor with wings was on her hair. In a blink of an eye, a bright of white flash brightens the room.
Outside her room, Honey Lemon knocks on her door, "Lisa? Lisa, are you all right? Do you want to spend the night at the castle in the Magic Kingdom tonight with us?" Honey Lemon and Cindy Vortex stood there and for a moment, the door was opening, and Lisa came out all right. "Quite all right, Honey Lemon. Good to see you too, Cindy." Said Lisa, as she walked out of her room like nothing happened. Honey Lemon was shocked, " Wow. That was weird and that happen so fast." Cindy was confused, "Too weird. But....why?"
That night, everybody was asleep, Lisa suddenly sleeps walk and made her way downstairs, without waking anyone including Lily, by...climbing the walls. Downstairs to the kitchen, Lisa gets into the refridgerator and chugs down a half gallon of milk, most of it ran down her pajamas and she eats the empty plastic container. Then she made her way back upstairs, behind the couch was Lynn, feeling shocked about what she saw.
Next early morning, Cindy was up and she was determine to investigate Lisa's weirdness. She spots Lisa in the backyard, takes her glasses off, climbing a tree without any tech or gadgets, on her hands and bare feet. "What the...." said Cindy being so confused. Then watches Lisa swinging tree to tree. Lisa said to herself, "How extraordinary! More reflexible and agile!
Climbing ability without losing a single grip!" Then she flips down to the ground, without breaking any bones. She puts her glasses on and makes her way into the castle, Cindy runs away from letting her see her in the kitchen already. Lisa comes into the kitchen and no one is in sight, then she hums her way up the stairs. Cindy follows close behind her, Lisa went into her room and shut the door. Cindy peeks through the keyhole and watches Lisa, open the closet door and enters the little door in there. Cindy thought to herself, "Where is she going?*
"CINDY!" a voice called out and it made her jump, Cindy turns and sees Raz, she sighs. Raz asked, "Cindy, what are you doing?" "Something's up with Lisa. She was acting weird." said Cindy, then Raz said, " We all know that." Cindy explains more, "No, I mean like, not usual herself smart weird, her behavior was different this morning. She was climbing without any of her techs and she was gliding from tree to tree like some animal."
Raz said, "Whoa. Freaky. Let me see." Then Raz peeked with Cindy in the keyhole, they see Lisa heading toward them. They both scattered and Lisa comes out from her room and says, " Good day, Razputin and Cynthia. Care to go for a walk?" The both of them said, "No thanks, you go for it." Lisa then said, "Suit youselves, punys." Both Raz and Cindy looked confused, as Lisa took off down the stairs. Raz said, "Razputin?" Cindy said, "Cynthia? Punys? Who does she think she is?" Raz said, "Don't know but whatever is happening to her, it's gotta be in her room." Honey Lemon comes by and says, "What are you two up to?" "Lisa's was so rude to us, just now." Said Cindy, and Raz brought up, " We believe something's wrong with Lisa. So we were going into her room to investigate."
The trio enter her room and no one in sight, then Cindy looks into the closet and moves some stuff animals out of the way and spots the small door, "This is where I saw her head into, when she came in here." She opens the door and the three of them crawl through the little door until they reach the room, where they can stand up, seeing the two silver telepods. Raz questions, "What are those things?" Cindy replies, "They're telepods, a further technology for teleportation." Honey Lemon calls out, " Hey, kids! Come see this." Raz and Cindy walk to Honey Lemon, by a computer. "Whatcha got, Lemon?" Said Raz, Honey Lemon types on the computer and it shows graphics of Lisa Loud being in the machine. Then suddenly it also shows a picture of a fly and a mix of Lisa's DNA with fly DNA. "Oh my God. This is bad. Lisa has been conducted with a housefly's abilities. She will behave viciously. Eat differently. Guys... she's becoming a mutant fly!" Said Honey Lemon being scared. Cindy said, "No wonder she was gliding and climbing." Raz said, "Her behavior, being badly." Then Lynn stood there listening to them and she gasps, she sadly walks away saying, "It's my fault. I should tell her the truth about what happen to her invention that day. Should I?"
Later, Lisa Loud was at a playground swinging her whole body on the monkey bars, doing flips. The kids on the playground were feeling a bit scared seeing a four year old being that flexible.
"Now that is what I call a win-win! Now hand over the goodies, otherwise know as candies." Said Lisa, being tough. As the kids gave their candy to Lisa, a mother with a baby came up to Lisa and said, " Hey! Little one, this isn't very nice of you to take candy from other kids." "Aww, well isn't that too bad from them all." Said a mean-spirited Lisa Loud, as she took a swirly pop from the mother's baby. She spits stomach juice onto the swirly pop and sucks on it, the baby brawls. "You better cut this out right now young lady!" said the mother getting angry, Lisa countered, "If you don't shut up, you'll get what's coming to you too! What are you gonna do about it, the female dog word?"
The mother calls her husband and he comes over, "What's going on here?" Lisa Loud was shocked and recognizes the guy, " You're one of those investors, who yelled at me!" The investor started to realized who he was gonna deal with, "Li...Lisa. Listen..what I said back there..," "Silence!" Said Lisa Loud, " low life smuck! You and every rat at that corporate building, shall suffer my wrath!" The guy laughed as if she was a joke, " How? By blowing up another stupid invention?" Lisa walks up to and spits stomach juice in the investor's face, the guy was screaming in pain, then Lisa leaps at him and sucks him dry. The mother was screaming and she ran, then Lisa was evolving, " Oh, yes! I feel it!" The evovlution of Lisa was changing her huge head with bulging green eyes sprouting long antennae on the sides of the nose, a vertical mouth, wings popped out from her back, her right hand turned into a giant disgusting lobster claw, Lisa was a mutated fly monster. Every kid in the park screamed in fear and Lisa flew off.
Meanwhile, Honey Lemon, Cindy, Raz along with Lynn Sr. and Rita Loud in the van, was searching in the city to find Lisa. "LISA, WHERE ARE YOU?!" called out, Honey Lemon. Lynn Sr. asked, " Where would she go in this big city?" Then suddenly Cindy realizes, where the incident of Lisa's accident happened at and points out the directions, "I know where! Downtown!" Lynn Sr. steps on it and heads into downtown.
Back at the house, in Lynn's room, Lynn jumped into her pillow, burying her face. She had visions of all of her sisters and brother looking at her like a nuisance, and bawled her breath out. Lucy, who slept on the other side of the room, was always accustomed to the dark and morbid, but could never stand to watch her sisters or brother cry. She crawled up to Lynn, and asked "Are... um... are you okay?" Lynn tried to speak through her heavy breathing, "I'm a bad sister! I broke Lisa's thing, and it wrecked a building downtown! Now she'll hate me, if I tell her the truth! And who wouldn't?! I'm just a meat-headed kid who doesn't think of what she's doing!!" Lucy stood there and said, "You know, telling the truth doesn't always get friends. But it would be a good influence to others, Lynn. She's our sister, and you must tell her. She'll still love you, everybody makes mistakes, even me."
Later downtown, Raz, Honey Lemon, Cindy and the Loud parents got out of the car and ran into the building, seeing a few dead bodies in the lobby and hearing screaming in pains. "Lisa! Lisa!" Raz shouted out, then suddenly they all spotted the horrifying disgusting Lisa fly. "Oh my..." said Rita. "Thizzzz izzz the end for you, gentlemenzzz!" Said Lisa in a rapsy lisp voice, as he had all the investors glued to the wall in sticky brown substance. Honey Lemon said, "Lisa, stop this! This won't change anything!" Lisa turns her head towards them, Cindy says, "Yeah, Lisa. It's not too late. Come back, we can fix you." One of the investor said, "Yes, Lisa. Listen to your friends and family. Just let us go and we'll give you a check." The Lisa fly buzzes, "I want vengeance!" The five investors were shaking with fear, just as Lisa was gonna attack them, "WAIT!" called out Lynn Jr. from behind. "It's not Lisa's's mine." said Lynn Jr., shame clear in her tone as the others looked at her with surprise as Lisa looked at her. " was just an accident. I was playing outside when Lisa was getting something and I kicked it too hard. It hit that tree-looking thing and broke something off. I tried to put it back on because I knew this was important for Lise...but I didn't know THIS would happen...I'm really sorry, sis... and... I love you" Lisa, looked sadly at her, then she flew over to Lynn Jr., as if she was gonna attack her. She hugged her neck, crying into her shoulder. Lynn knelt down, hugging Lisa back, crying along with her "I love you too!!! I'm sorry everybody for what I have done!" As Honey Lemon and Raz got the investors free, one of the investor said, "Lisa? We are also sorry for what we said to you a few days ago." Another investor, felt sympathy for the family and walked up. "To be fair...they are children. Yes, one is very intelligent, but things like this can happen to any adult, and accidents do happen. Mr. Loud is right that we should be grateful that no lives were taken by this accident, especially a little girl.(aside) We talked on the phone about it" Then he walked over to Lisa and gave her a friendly smile. "Don't worry, my dear...try again next year. Okay?" "Okay, ssssssir." Said the Lisa fly. Lynn said, "Let's go home." Rita said, "All of us."
Next day, the telepods were in the garage now and Lisa was normal human form again. Lynn, Honey Lemon and Lisa were in the garage together, Lynn said, "I'm glad you forgave me, Lise. And I'm really sorry, I didnt tell you too soon before you became a insect." Lisa said, "Lynn, it's alright. I forgive you a hundred times. Besides, I kinda like being a fly." Honey Lemon asked, What was it like being one?" Lisa explains, "Well, kinda like Bug-Man from Skippy's comic books. Wall crawling like a human spider and flying with high altitude wings. That's why I made this fly mask with googles and a backpack with tennis rackets as wings. Speaking of, gotta go for another test run." Lisa runs out of the garage and heads into the backyard, she pulls out a candy bar, and......spits stomach juice onto it and sloppers it down. "Ahh. Better to eat with, than grind." Then she puts her mask and backpack on, and the tennis rackets start to flap up and down, then the small exhaust pipe shoots Lisa up into the sky and she puts her arms out nice a straight as she flies. Honey Lemon, Raz, Lynn, Lucy and Cindy look through the window watching Lisa fly. " They look at Honey Lemon, and Honey Lemon said, "Well, she's close enough to being a human." Then suddenly out of nowhere, "I guess the time really flies! Get it?" Said Luan as she laughed, the other kids groan, but Honey Lemon giggles.
Written by Taurean Smith-Partee
IT (MixToons Style by Taurean Smith-Partee)
It was a cloudy rainy day outside, T.K, was walking by, carrying his swirly pop. He hit his head on a thick branch from a tree, and his swirly pop falls into a watery stream and into a sewer drain.
T.K.: Oh no! Where did my swirly pop go?
Voice:*in the sewer drain* Psst, hey T.K.! Down here.
Out from the dark, Luan looking like a clown
Luan: Hiya. T.K.
T.k.: Hi.
Luan: Lose something?*Holds his swirly pop*
T.K. :Gee, thanks.
Luan: Take it. Oh, don't you want a balloon too?
T.K.: I don't know.
Luan: But I'm not a stranger, I am Luan, and you're T.K. So, that's means we're no longer strangers.
T.K.: Um....
Luan; Good. Cause I want us to be friends. Besides if you leave to soon, you'll miss out on the good stuff down here.
T.K.: Like what?
Luan: Oh, rides, cotton candy, popcorn, peanuts and also....balloons.
T.K.: Really?
Luan: Yes, really. *a balloon appear from her hand* So, what do ya say, little guy?
T.K.: Cool!
Luan: Then take my hand and let's go!
Closer....closer....clo..ser. That's a boy.
*almost grabs her hand*
Luan: Once you're down here, you'll...float...too!
*she grips T.K.'s arm, making him scream as she shows her three rows of razor sharp teeth*

[One Week Later]
*Buster, Plucky, Timmy, Skippy, Lincoln, Jill and Kairi are on a playground*
Timmy: Well, summer's here. What should we on the first day of it?
Plucky: How about surfing on the beach?
Skippy: Camping?
Jill: Candy shopping?
Lincoln: Read comics?
Buster: What do you think Kairi? Kairi? Are you okay?
Kairi:*solemly* Yeah.
Jill: What's bothering you?
Skippy: I got it! She misses having pizza.....with T.K.!
(Plucky punches Skippy's shoulder)
Skippy: Ow! That hurt!
Kairi: Well, I do miss him. But I got to find him.
Plucky: Hate to burst it, but the police looked everywhere. And no sights or traces of him. And then like pigs they gave up.
Lincoln: Typicial. Cops are so pig-headed. No offense, Harvey.
Harvey: None taken.
Buster: Anyway. Let's get back to the castle and go from there.
6 kids: Okay.
(Plucky, Lincoln, Skippy, Timmy, Jill and Kairi bike back to the castle, while Buster grabs his backpack. Before he could take off, he spots a blue female grown bunny, she waves at him)
Buster: Huh? *rubs his eyes, then looks to see that she is gone* Hm? Must be seeing things. *Then he takes off running*

(In Lincoln's Room)
*Lincoln reads Ace Savvy in his underwear*
Lincoln: Here comes the best part. Ace Savvy---what, who is that? A clown?
Luan in the comic: That's Luan the Dancing Clown!
*Lincoln screams and drops the comic book.*
Luan's voice: Okay. Excuse me, while I make a few adjustments.
*The pages in the comic book flip faster, then suddenly Luan the Clown comes out from the comic book, only from the waist*
Luan Clown: Here I am, Underwear boy!
Lincoln: L..Luan?
Luan Clown: You're like it down here.
*Lincoln reaches for the doorknob, but it sticks*
Luan Clown: Won't do any good to run, little girl-boy.
Lincoln: You're not Luan.
Luan Clown: See you in your dreams, Linka. *shows her sharp teeth, scaring Lincoln. Luan the clown is gone and the comic book stays still on the floor. Lincoln taps the comic book and nothing happens and the clown disappears from the pages *

(Later in Plucky's Room)
*Plucky reads a Darkwing Duck comic, then a red balloon flies across him*
Plucky: what the hell?
Green Action figure: What? One balloon isn't good enough for you, Plucky? How about all of them!?
*A bunch of balloons fall from the ceiling and one goes in front of Plucky. *Splat* Green goo in his face*
Plucky: Aw, sick!!!!
Luan clown action figure: Hahaha! Excuse me, duck. Do you have Duck Dodgers in a can? You do? well you better let the little duck out! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha!
Plucky: You're despicable. And your joke sucks!
*Now it's a green action figure*

(Later in the celler)
*Skippy watches Jungle Monster*
Voice: Help me. Help me, please.
Skippy: What the... *opens the box of pizza*
Pizza: Help me, Skippy!
Skippy: Whoa, talking pizza. Weird.
One slice:I'm Vicky burrow
Second slice: I'm Matthew Willis.
All the slices: We're all the dead children.
Skippy: Whoa, Plucky told me not to eat pizza before bedtime.
ALL: Help us, skippy!
Skippy: Uh, uh. Do I microwave them or cook them in the oven?!?!
Pepperonis make Luan: Eat me, Skippy!
Pepperoni Luan: What's the matter? Don't you just love pizza?
Skippy: I feel so bad eating pizza with feelings, but, pizza is pizza. (Chomps) Mmmh, cheesy.
Pepperoni Luan: That's right, eat me. And taste your fears, Fluffy!
Skippy: Can't be afraid now, eating. ( chomping)
Pepperoni Luan: How about a 6 foot tall one?
*The pizza makes a 6 foot tall Luan Loud clown*
Skippy: I'm confused. Should I be hungry or scared?
Pizza Luan: Let's see how scared you really are!
*tries to step on him*
Skippy: Aah!!!!
*Skippy gets cornered and Pizza Luan gets on her hands and close to Skippy*
Pizza Luan: Are you scared yet?
Skippy: Yes.
Pizza Luan: That's good.
*Pizza Luan puffs her cheeks up and explodes cheese and pepperoni in the room and flies on Skippy. She's gone*
Skippy: Aaaah!! The cheese is sticking to my fur!!!
Luan's voice: Come back, anytime Skippy!
*laughing like the end of Fool's Paradise, Skippy is still terrified, but he pulls the cheese and pepperoni off his shirt and eats it*

(In the bathroom)
*Kairi in her pajamas, brushes her red hair*
Voice: Help me.
*Kairi looks around and sees no one*
Voice: Help me, please! Kairi!
Kairi: Is someone there?
Voice: I'm in here!
*Kairi looks down at the sink*
Kairi: Are you there?
Voice from the sink: Kairi! Help me! It's me, T.K.!
Kairi: T.K.! Oh, T.K.! I'm gonna get you out of there! But, how could you get in there?
T.K.'s voice: Come with me, Kairi. It's not too bad down here, and when you're here, you'll float too. You'll float too. You'll float too! You'll float too! (changes to Luan's voice) You'll float too! You'll float too! You'll float too, Kairi!
*Red slimes spits up from the sink and on Kairi, she screams*
From the sink, Luan: Hahaha! Say hello to your friend, Kairi!
Kairi: LET HIM GO!
Luan's voice in the sink: You'll die, if you try to fight me! Hahhahaha!
Kairi: We'll see about that!!

(In Jill's Room)
*Jill lays on her bed and plays with her dog doll, then she sits up and spots a little teddy bear in front of her. She gasps*3
Teddy Bear: Hug me, Jill.
Jill: Hhhhi little teddy bear. What are you doing in here?
Teddy Bear: I only want to be your friend
Jill: Aw, you're so sweet! ! I could cuddle you all day long. (hugs the bear tightly)
*Teddy smiles with razor sharp teeth and bites Jill's shoulder,
Jill screams and punches it off of her and she lands on a floor off her bed*
Teddy Bear with Luan's voice: Hello, Jillian. Wanna play, some more?
*Jill is crawling away and backed up against a wall*
Teddy Bear with Luan's voice: It won't do any good to run, little girl.
*Leaps at Jill, grabbing her face, Jill screams and Luan mock screams her*
Teddy Luan: Now.....taste your beautiful fear.
*Opens her mouth revealing three rows of razor sharp teeth,
Jill grabs a vase on a table and smashes it right into the teddy bear*
Luan comes out from the teddy's stomach
Luan: A vase? That's your deliever line? You gotta learn to Bear with me. Ha ha ha.
*Jill is breathing deeply. Luan pukes out cotton from her mouth at Jill*
Jill: Okay, I'm so confused.
Luan: Cotton....candy with Jill as the center sweet part.
*Luan carries the Jill inside a cotton candy web*
Luan: Delicious, your fear will be
Jill: Odette, someone, help me!!!!
Luan: *mockily*Odette! Please help me! Grown ups can't see me at all, little Jill. I will eat you for a nice long hibernation and then I will sleep for another 3 years and wake up again.
Timmy: Jill? JILL!!!
*Timmy goes into her room, no sight of Jill instead sees, cotton in red, on her bed saying, YOU'LL DIE, IF YOU TRY! Timmy runs out of the room*
Timmy: Guys!!
Kairi: Timmy? What is it?
Timmy: Something got Jill. And it left some words in blood in her room!
Kairi: What?!
*Kairi and Timmy raced to Jill's room, along with Plucky, Lincoln, Buster and Skippy behind them*
Plucky: Holy crap!

(Later in another room, Buster, Plucky, Kairi, Skippy, Timmy and Lincoln are in a circle thinking)
Timmy: Can someone tell me what is going on and where is Jill?
Buster:Hold on, Timmy. Let's wind the clocks back first, so we can find out first.
Kairi: That blood in Jill's room, came from the sink and splat in my face and a voice in the sink said those same words to me, You'll die, if you try.
Skippy: I almost died by a giant talking pizza.
*They stare at Skippy*
Skippy: What?! It's true, the pizza was talking, like children. It talked like Luan and turned into a giant pizza monster!
Plucky: I saw Luan too. As one of my army action figure, but she was dress as a *along with Lincoln* clown.
Lincoln: Yeah. I thought I dreaming it or seeing things. She appeared in my Ace Savvy comic book and scared me with her razor sharp teeth. I realized, that wasn't Luan.
Buster: Somewhat, whoever is impersonating our friend Luan as a clown, is a sick psychopath shapeshifter.
Kairi: Camille Leon?
Buster: No. She's been in juvie and no reports of her being out.
There have been reports of fourteen children missing, not including Jill. For the pass two weeks and none of them were ever found.
Timmy: Can you just cut to the chase of it, already.
Buster: *sighs* So, if this Luan clown is responsible for all the children missing, then we must stop her.
Skippy: But Buster, we don't even know where it lives.
Buster, Plucky, Timmy, Kairi and Lincoln: It?
Skippy: Yeah, if it's a shapeshifter of being a dude and a girl.
Plucky: Oooookkkkkay. So, how do we find this It?
Lincoln: You know, there's something my mom and dad have been hiding from me. Since they were acting a little strange like they know something about this fake Luan.

[At the Loud House]
*The kids searched Rita and Lynn Sr.'s room, and Kairi finds birth certificates in a drawer*
Kairi: Found something. Lookie here. Lori...Leni...Luna...Luan...Lauren?
Rita: *steps into the room* What are you kids doing here?!
Kairi: Mind telling us, what you and mister Loud have been hiding?
Lincoln: Kairi, no. I should ask her. Mom, who is Lauren?
*Rita gasps*
Rita: I was afraid of this.
Lincoln: Of what?
Rita: Lincoln, Lauren was a twin of Luan.
Buster, Plucky, Skippy, Kairi, Timmy and Lincoln: WHAT?!?
Lynn Sr.: That's right. And creepy twin of Luan.*shudders*
Rita: Of course before Lynn Jr. and you. There was a witch in this town, jealous of me, when I married your father. And years later, she passed an evil spirit inside me while I was pregnant with Luan. When Luan was born, there was also Lauren. An unexpected child of something we could not have around us. She fed on other mother's babies. We were so scared, that she would have eaten Luan or us. We had no other choice, it was either us or our kids, she would feast.
Buster: So, what happen Mrs. Loud?
Rita: *exhales* We sent her down a well. We would do anything to protect our kids.
Lynn Sr.: That's right. One scary Luan, is enough.
Rita: I rather have my babies safe and alive, than dead by
Lynn Sr.: Her strength is our strength. Especially is mine.
Buster: That explains it all. No wonder the children have been missing.
Lincoln: They were stolen, for her to feed on and then she would hibernate.
Kairi: Then she would come back to do it all over again.
Skippy: Just like in the movie, The Clown.
Timmy: Guys, the well!
Kids: Right!! Let's go!
*The kids take off except Lincoln, he hugs Rita*
Lincoln: I love you mom. And you too dad.
Rita: We love you, very much, Lincoln.
Lynn Sr.: Now be safe with Buster.
Lincoln: I will!
*Then Lincoln takes off*

[Later sunset]
(inside the well, the six kids are climbing down on a rope to the bottom of the well)
Timmy: This is gray water, you know.
Plucky: What the hell is gray water?
Timmy: Basically toilet water!
Skippy: Gross!! *Skippy jumps on Kairi*
Kairi: It's not so bad. At least it doesn't stink.
Buster: Stay close. She could be anywhere around here.
Voice: Buster?
*Buster's ears flick up*
Voice: Help me, Buster!
Buster: This way!
*Buster runs toward the voice, with the other kids following him*
Lincoln: Buster! Slow down!
*Some much distance between Buster and the group of kids, they lose sight of Buster. They look around, with a fork in the road*
Skippy: Oh, man! Which way did he go?!
Plucky: Buster!
Lincoln: Buster, where are you!?
Plucky: Ah, to hell with it! This way!
*The gang goes to the left, and they all end up in a big room, full of children toys in a big pile. Above are fourteen kids floating lifeless.*
Plucky: As if, this wasn't any scarier than Michael Bay directing a Teletubbies movie.
Skippy: Oh, cotton candy.
*Skippy eats one of the cotton candy, and Jill comes out lifeless*
Timmy: Jill!
*The gang runs to Jill laying lifeless, her eye colors are gone, Timmy grabs her*
Timmy: Jill, it's us! Wake up, Jill! Why aren't you waking up?!
*Timmy shakes Jill, nothing happens*
Timmy: I always wanted to do this.
*Timmy kisses Jill on her lips*
Skippy: Whoa! Plucky: Hello!
*Suddenly, Jill gasps and her eyes colors return*
Lincoln: Well, that works too.
Jill: *panting* Timmy?
Kairi: We're all here Jill.
Lincoln:Except Buster. Who we have to find now.
Plucky: Do we have to?
Kairi: Just shut up and move your tailfeathers, duck.

[In another sewer room]
*Buster looks around the room, and a grown blue female rabbit comes out from one of the tunnels*
Bonnie: Buster?
Buster: Mom, is it really you?
*Bonnie runs toward Buster*
Bonnie: You found me! I was so worry about you. Come to mommy, my little Busterfield. *reaches out her arms*
Buster: But, how are you alive? Where's Dad?
Bonnie: That's what worries me. But at least you're safe.
Buster: I...I. I can't believe it!!
Bonnie: What's wrong, my little Busterfield?
Buster: I don't understand how are you alive, after all this time?
Bonnie: It's a long story. Let's go find your dad and go home together like a family. I love you, Buster.
Buster: I love you too. But you know, "Mom", I wished I didn't have to do this, but..
*Buster pulls out his Bustarangs, threw them at his "Mom"*
Buster: You're not my mother!!
*Bonnie shapeshift back to Luan clown*
Luan Clown: Beep beep, Buster! I can't believe you felt for that one. Now that you're down here, you'll float too.
*She grabs Buster just as Jill, Timmy, Skippy, Plucky, Lincoln and Kairi showed up. They gasps*
Plucky: Holy starship!
Lincoln: Lauren.
Luan Clown: Back off! I'll take all of you! But.....Let me have Buster and you all can live to be old. I'll take my feast and a nice long sleep for 3 years. Oh, well. Doesn't matter. I'll come back anyways and get more. Especially, you, Lincoln Loud! Ha-ha! I shall be back!!
*Lincoln shouts and hits the Luan Clown with a bat, the kids beat up on her. Luan Clown, makes them see their various fears, but they wound her quickly. Lincoln skewers the clown in the chest, killing her heart. After the brutal battle they defeat the Luan Clown and she retreats, beaten up badly. She breathes heavily*
Luan Clown: No! No!
Buster: It's over, Lauren!
Lincoln: Now you're the one who's scared, because you'll starve to death.
*Then suddenly, she turns lifeless and explodes into confetti*
Plucky: That, I did not see coming.
Voice: Kairi?
Kairi: Oh no. Not again!
*She turns around and sees T.K. with a bite mark on his arm*
Kairi: T.K.?
T.K.: Kairi?
*The two hug each other*
Kairi: I can't believe you were alive this time!
T.K.: I can't believe, you all came to save me.
Skippy: That too and Jill got nabbed.
Plucky: As usual.
Kairi: Let's go home.

[Nighttime inside the castle]
*The kids on the couch, watching Jurassic Park*
Lincoln: This is what I call relaxation.
Timmy: No Lauren, anymore.
Kairi: I'm glad, you're back with us, T.K.
T.K.: I'm happy to see you all again.
Luan: Hiya, T.K.!
*The group of kids scream and jump back*
T.K.: Not again!
Luan: What's the problem, guys? It's me, Luan Loud. The stand up comedian girl.
Lincoln: The real Luan?
Luan: Of course. Who else would I be? Looks like you all have seen a ghost. Boo was it? Get it? Hahahaha!
Plucky: Yeah, that is absolutly bad joke Luan.
*They all hug Luan*
Jill: So glad it's really you!
Luan: Weird. But I love you guys.
*After they release her, she walks away smiling with Mr. Coconuts, who's eyes turn orange with a clown smile*
Becoming A Creepy Doll
(Beginning from top to the left) There was a 6 year old girl name, Lola Loud. Although she had everything her little heart desires, she was spoiled, selfish and unkind. (After the last picture on the top right, to left middle to down), After the humiliation, and the horrible things she has done, especially to Lana's arm(JFMstudios' stories), she was punished big time.
In her room, she cries her eyes out for what a terrible sister she turned out. "What have I done? What have I done?" She said, not feeling like her beautiful cute self.
"What's the problem, Lola?" Lola looks around and saw Luan, in a red and green sweater, razor fingers glove, dark pants, and brown feroda. "Luan? Is that you? What's up with the new look?"Lola asked, then Luan said, " Oh, just a little change happened. Speakinh of changes, need a new look." She looks into Lola's toy chest to find an need oufit to wear. "AHA!" Shouted Luan, grabbing a silver clown looking outfit and make up. She transfoms into a clown with orange ponytail, white face, red lips and nose, Lola said, " Whoa. You're more scarier than before." Luan said, "And speaking of changes, need to give you a new look." "You can change me into something different? Like a woman?" Lola asked, Luan suggested, "Well, I say yes, but no. Something to make you more creepy like you were to all of us. Something.....not human. I got it, hold on tight! " Luan grabs Lola and shakes her, in a blink of bright light, Lola was change into....a doll. "I'M A DOLL! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" Shouted Lola, Luan said to her, "I turn you into something that won't make you age or get sick. You can live forever, than everybody else."
"Hey, you're right Luan. I'll live longer than anybody else. I have something they don't have now!" Said Lola agreeing, Luan said, "Then come along with me and Lynn, who is waiting for us outside. We're getting payback too, for humiliations. Luan, picks up Lola, "You know, your name should be Lolabelle. Because it's like a doll's name from a movie." Then Luan with the Lola doll, jumps out from the window and they and Lynn take off together in the night.
Scream, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Bride of Chucky, Child's Play, Jeepers Creepers, Hellraiser, Case 39, Orphan, Goosebumps, IT, Jennifer's Body, Five Nights At Freddy 3, Alien, Predator, Once Upon a Time, Ant Man, Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, Jurassic World, Annabelle, Batman, Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Arkham Origins  Arkham Knight, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Criminal Minds, Saw, Boxtrolls, 7Ds, Cool World, Winx Club, Dredd, Mulan, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Peter Pan, Twilight, Black Sheep, Into The Woods, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Harry Potter, Spider-Man, Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk, Jurassic Park, Kung Fu Panda 2, Little Shop of Horrors, The Grudge, Cooties, Carrie, Rise of the Guardians, Dolly Dearest, Muppets Most Wanted, Attack of the Sabretooth, Wolfman, Evil Dead, Osmosis Jones, Quest for Camelot, Dinosaur, Candyman, Anastasia, The Haunted Mask, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
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Born in 1990, on March 23. In the state of Kentucky, and in the city, Louisville. 2 brothers, Andreas and Isaiah. 4 sisters; Erie, Kyarra, Sierra and Amarra. X-girlfriend, Flora Kalman. Closest friends; Matt Klubeck, Tyler VanHenkkan and I was popular at Zeeland West High School, especially on dance nights. I have 509 movies on dvd for now. I ran a movie theater in my room, with lots of; popcorn, cotton candy, soda, slurpee, candy boxes, pretzels, popcorn seasonings, blankets, pillows and other good things to enjoy. I am known as, The Friendly Rascal. I went to several different schools; Evergreen Elementary, Walkerville Wildcats Elementary, Scott Middle School, Hopkinsville Middle School, Hookinsville High School and finally Zeeland West High School. Where I graduated in 2008, and first worked at Kandu Incorporated, then in July 24, 2014, I started working at Meijer, as a receiver. Big fan of Halloween since I was 7, and addiction to scary things, even movies. No matter how old I turn, I never stop dressing up on Halloween. I love dancing, singing, painting, listening to music, writing stories of my own, reading and daydreaming. How am I so full of energy every day without wearing out? Well, it certainly isn't sugar rush or coffee. This you'll have to figure out on your own, however I'll give you a riddle (this one no one can get right ever!); What is it that a kid can have, but once an adult they lose it forever (Good luck with this one)? T-Pain, Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, Robin Willaims and Selena Gomez are my inspirations, my four leaf clovers. This all I tell ya, for now. Oh, and I've drawing and painting since the 4th grade!


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